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1.  Oxnard Union High School, Class of 1956           

      ►Class Reunions Past    Photos contributed by Dorothy Asher Baughman   POSTED.

     ►Senior Photos      For all who have lost or misplaced their Senior Annual    POSTED.

     ►Lt.Col. Robert Cheveres     A True National War Hero    POSTED.

     ►Judy Boswell Underwood     The Joy of Painting    PARTIAL POSTING.

                Part 1  The Netherlands Trip      POSTED

                ♦Part 2  Watercolor Paintings      POSTED               

                ♦Part 3  Watercolor Paintings Continued       POSTED

                Part 4  Watercolor Paintings Continued        POSTED              

     ►Please Click on  to visit much more of Judy's artistic renderings.

     ►Bill and Jan Williams     European Trip   POSTED 

     Dorothy Asher Baughman   "Mini-Yearbooks" of Past Class Reunions  POSTED.

      Sam Turner    Great Memorabilia from our High School Days    (Take a Look)  POSTED.

     ►Jim Frisk  African Grey Parrots & Precious Photos of First GREAT Grand Child POSTED.

     Lula Bell James Vomhof    A Generous Contribution of Things to Remember  POSTED.

     Loren Peacock, Class of 1957, Has Taken Some Great Photos of The Old High School   POSTED.

     Jean (Baradat, Class of 1959) and Leoon Suggs     50-Year Reunion Photos   POSTED.

     Leah Dewey Bangs and Jim Bangs (Class of 1951) Plus The Thomas Sisters   POSTED.

                ♦Leah & Jim took a 4,000 mile trip for a Family Reunion/Thomas Sisters   POSTED.

      Judy Boswell Underwood and Carl's (1955) Trip to Vermont/New England    POSTED.

     Dorothy Asher Baughman contributed photos from the 50-Year Reunion.   POSTED.

     ►Lotti Hrynkiewicz Carr contributed photos from the 50-Year Reunion.     POSTED.

     ►Jack Norton makes photo contribution     POSTED.

     ►50-Year Class Reunion, Class of 1956, September 30, 2006, Attendees    POSTED.

     ►Jan Helf learns how to drive off-road in her HUMMER from professionals:    POSTED. 

                        NEWEST POSTINGS

    ►Bill (1956) and Jan Williams' Excellent Adventure     POSTED.

    Fifty Year Class Reunion Booklet of Memories      POSTED.

    Don Roberts, The Early Years                    POSTED

    Bill (1956) and Jan Williams take another cruise to far away places (April/May, 2008).     POSTED

    Judy Boswell Underwood contributes a treasure - Woodrow Wilson Jr. High 8th Grade Class Photo in COLOR                                                                                                                                                           POSTED

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Photo contributed by Leah Dewey Bangs (1956) and Jim Bangs (1951).      We would be happy to feature your contribution.