1.  Oxnard Union High School, Class of 1956           

       ►Class Reunions Past    Photos contributed by Dorothy Asher Baughman

     ►Senior Photos      For all who have lost or misplaced their Senior Annual

     ►Lt.Col. Robert Cheveres     A True National War Hero

     ►Judy Boswell Underwood     The Joy of Painting   

                Part 1  The Netherlands Trip

                ♦Part 2  Watercolor Paintings

                ♦Part 3  Watercolor Paintings Continued

                Part 4  Watercolor Paintings Continued

     ►Bill and Jan Williams     Their Trip to Europe    (Be Patient)

     Dorothy Asher Baughman    "Mini Books" from Class Reunions Past (Project in the Works)

      Sam Turner    Great Memorabilia from our High School Days    (Take a Look)

     Jim Frisk    African Grey Parrots

     Lula Bell James Vomhof    A Generous Contribution of Things to Remember

     Loren Peacock, Class of 1957, Great High School Photos

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