Class Reunions Past

The Following Photo Was Contributed by Dorothy Asher Baughman:

This great black and white photos was taken at the 10-Year Reunion.

Left to Right, Front: Harry and Dorothy (Asher) Baughman, Barbara (Holland) Gray and Don Gray, Class of 1955.  Rear: Jerry and Mary Lou McConnell) Scott, Jan (Hofstra) Swan and Mike.

The Next Group of Photos Were Taken at the 35-Year Class Reunion.    Class of 1955 and 1956.

L to R: Dolores (Hollida) Ward, Dorothy (Asher) Baughman, Telotha (Mitchell) Kerr (Class of 1955).  Partially hidden behind yellow balloon is Sam Turner.

L to R: Betty Ross, Gilbert "Stoogie" Cruz, Ruth Ramirez.

A radiant Barbara Hord.    Can you believe that this lady was The National Small Bore Rifle Champion while still in High School?

Peggy Whittington, Ralph Kerr, Telotha (Mitchell) Kerr's husband.    Gentleman in hat and glasses is Richard Fogo.

L to R: Lee Martin, Gail Gilson, Betty (Ross) Harmuth, Allen Covarrubias.

Near Front, Center: Willie Reveles.  Rear Center: Kay Drummond talking to Dick Duncan.      Combined 1955 and 1956 Reunion.

L to R: Betty (Ross) Harmuth, Raelene (Brill) Manzer, Dorothy (Asher) Baughman.      Combined 1955 and 1956 Reunions.

The Following Photos Were Taken at The 40-Year Class Reunion:

Back Left: Don Lykins, Joan (Wikum) Swindle.  R to L: Gail (Brown) Houck, Varsity Cheer Leader (black dress), Betty (Ross) Harmuth (white dress behind Gail), Karen (Geertsen) Smith (white outfit in front of Betty (Ross) Harmuth, to Karen's immediate right appears to be Ron Ray, to Karen's right front is Carol (Davis) Branch (gray outfit), and to Carol's right is Deronda (Marchant) Linder, between Joan (Wikum) Swindle and Deronda (Marchant) Linder is Jim Wood.    Between Ron Ray (back) and Betty (Ross) Harmuth is Bill Nelson.   Behind Gail (Brown) Houck is Danny Lopez.   Whew!  Without Dorothy's help, I would have never made it.

Lady with dark top and dark chair back toward camera is Joan Wikum, to her left is Barbara Hord, to Barbara Hord's left is Betsy (Philbrook) Fennel, to Betsy's left is Dolas Hensley, and to Dolas' left is Kay (Drummond) Hensley.   Lady in white outfit at other table, Right, is Karen (Gertsen) Smith.

Right Front: Gail (Brown) Houck (wearing black dress), to Gail's right is Karen (Gertsen) Smith, L to R is Harry Baughman, then Sally (Robrecht) Daley, Class of 1957, with Sally's husband Glen hidden behind Sally, to Gail's left is Lotti (Hrynkiewicz) Carr.  Gilbert "Stoogie" Cruz is wearing the white, black and turquoise shirt.   To his left is Jennie Ellison, Class of 1957.  Seated at the table, wearing a gray outfit is Carol (Branch) Davis next to Carol, mostly hidden is husband Phil Branch.    Need I.D. Help.

L to R: Lotti (Hrynkiewicz) Carr, Head Varsity Cheer Leader, Dorothy (Asher) Baughman, Edith (Hunnewell) Hertenstein, Deronda (Marchant) Linder.

L to R: Gail (Brown) Houck, Dorothy (Asher) Baughman, Adeline Ordaz Salinas.

Front Left: sipping from glass is Jennie Ellison, Class of 1957,  in gray outfit, taking a photo is Carol (Davis) Branch.   Carol is taking a photo of her husband, Phil Branch (in white shirt) and Gilbert "Stoogie" Cruz (in turquoise, white and black shirt). 


Gail (Weller) Brown, Ronald Ray, Jerry Brown, Dick Duncan

Joe Polk and Friend.

Adeline Ordaz Salinas, Pretty Lady.

The 45-Year Class Reunion.      All of the photos in this entire collection were graciously contributed by Dorothy Ashley Baughman, Class of 1956.

This is a Group Photo of the 45-Year Reunion Committee.   L to R:  Lee Martin, Edith (Hunnewell) Hertenstein,  Deronda (Marchant) Linder, Joan (Wikum) Swindle, Chairperson, Joe Swindle (Class of 1957), Raelene (Brill) Manzer, Daryl Smith (ducking behind Raelene), Eloise (Gerry) Mansfield, Bill Manzer, Class of 1955, (ducking behind and to the right of Eloise).

At Table, L to R: Raelene (Brill) Manzer, Bill Manzer, Class of 1955, standing behind Raelene, Lady with blue top is Kay (Drummond) Hensley, Edith (Hunnewell) Hertenstein, Deronda (Marchant) Linder.   Front Left: Lady in long blue dress is Eloise (Gerry) Mansfield and this side of Eloise is possibly her husband, Mr. Mansfield.   Fellow with red cup in hand is Willie Reveles.

L to R: Deronda (Marchant) Linder, Dorothy (Asher) Baughman, Joan (Wikum) Swindle, Judy (Boswell) Underwood, Kay (Drummond) Hensley.

L to R:  Lotti (Hrynkiewicz) Carr, Edith (Hunnewell) Hertenstein, Carol (Davis) Branch, Joan (Wikum) Swindle (back, between Carol and Kay), Kay (Drummond) Hensley, Deronda (Marchant) Linder, Linda Cavins, Class of 1957.

A Big Thank You To Dorothy (Asher) Baughman For This Great Contribution Of Her Personal Photos.    If You Have Enjoyed A Pleasant Experience Looking At Dorothy's Photos, Why Not Give Other Classmates The  Pleasure Of Enjoying Your Photos?   The More That You Give, The More That You Will Receive In Return.

Dorothy Asher Baughman (

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