Dorothy Asher Baughman Contributes Photos From 50-Year Reunion.

We are going to do our best to identify the Classmates in the various photos.   You are welcome to participate in identifying those that you recognize.

Two fine looking ladies whose friendship started in grade school: Dorothy Asher Baughman and Adeline Ordaz.

L to R: Jerry Linder (Deronda Marchant's husband), Edith Hunnewell, Marlene Freeman and guest Frank Cooke, Dorothy Asher Baughman.

Arlene Gosney, Marilyn Johnson Signor, Nancy Beales Donati.

Raelene Brill Manzer and husband Bill Manzer (1955).

Deronda and Jerry Linder.

Barbara Hord Adams (in tan outfit, turning to left) visiting with Joan Wikum Swindle (colorful top, pale green bottoms).    Need help in identifying other Classmates.    

Need identification help.

Need identification help.

Need identification help.

Any comment about the band?

Mary Lou Mc Connell Scott, Edith Hunnewell.

Dorothy Asher Baughman, Mary Lou Mc Connell.

Lee Martin, Deronda Marchant Linder.

Left Side Photo: Need help with identification.     Right Side of Photo:  Barbara Hord Adams, Joan Wikum Swindle.

Lotti Hrynkiewicz Carr, Homecoming Queen, Head Varsity Cheerleader and active Student Leader in School Spirit.                                           (and, many other activities)

Lotti Hrynkiewicz Carr, standing, and Edith Hunnewell Hertenstein.    Need I.D. help with third Reunion Volunteer.

Lotti Hrynkiewicz, Dorothy Asher Baughman, Willie Reveles, Marlene Freeman, Gil Cruz.

We thank Dorothy Asher Baughman for making another generous contribution.     We appreciate givers.    Dorothy is certainly a giver.

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