Fifty Year Class Reunion Booklet of Memories

There is still a lot more to come.     We are almost finished with the major remodel of our home of forty years so I will have more time now to work on getting this Fifty-Year Reunion Booklet posted.      Before I move on, I wish to thank all of the Classmates who offered me their copy of the Fifty-Year Reunion Booklet so that it could get posted.      They know the score.     None from The Committee offered a copy and I never expected that they would.     As we get the balance of the Booklet posted, you will find errors, omissions, mistakes, etc.     Please do not contact me regarding items that need to be corrected.    Rather, go directly to the Keeper of The Lists.    By doing that you will enhance her power base and free me from competing with her in her chosen field.      At this juncture, I wish to thank the "Givers" who make these Web Sites available to the "Takers" who always have something to complain about and who never make a positive contribution.      Nothing has changed in fifty years - - - thousands of years!