Jim Frisk        African Grey Parrots  and Precious Photos of First GREAT Grand Child

These handsome young fellows are the youngest of Jim's eleven Grand Children.   Start early, stay late.

The African Grey Parrot has been called "the perfect mix of brains and beauty" (Bird Talk, Aug. 92) and the "Cadillac of parrots" (Bird Talk Sept. 93). Much of the notoriety of this species stems from the phenomenal gift of speech members exhibit. While many parrots learn some words or phrases, many cases have been documented of African Grays learning multiple lines of songs, prayers, or plays. The Guinness Book of World Records lists the best talking parrot or parrot like bird as an African Grey named Prudle. Prudle was captured near Jinja, Uganda in 1958 and when "he" retired from public life in 1977 had a vocabulary of nearly 1000 words.

Jim Frisk, Class of 1956, is our Resident Expert on these beautiful, intelligent and friendly birds as well as other species.

The Following Photos Are of Jim's First GREAT Grand Child:

Congratulations, Jim.      A beautiful child.     Thank you for sharing.

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