Sam Turner    Great Memorabilia

Photo taken about 1956.    Although, that sure looks like a 1957 white over turquoise Chevy two door hardtop.

Sam's GREAT Grand Kids.      Sam is a natural for the role of Grand Pa or, as in this case, GREAT Grand Pa.

During the past 4+ years many Classmates and friends made mention, in one form or another, of that majestic Lion that used to be in front of the old Community Center on "C" Street and 7th.   Thanks to the perseverance of Sam Turner, Class of 1956, and Loren Peacock, Class of 1957, it has been located and photographed by Loren Peacock at the request of Sam.   Many of our Classmates and many of the Classmates that came before and after us played on this grand Lion.    No doubt, dreams and friendships born while in his presence have lasted a lifetime.     The King of Beasts is now resting in the far corner of a park/playground behind the Oxnard Performing Arts Center at the corner of 7th and "G" Streets.    I bet that children still argue over who gets to ride him and for how long.   And life repeats itself.     Thanks to Loren and Sam for bringing us up to date.

Old Train Depot, Oxnard.   Photo by Loren Peacock.     Photo contributed by Sam Turner.

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